Distributed Ledger for Climate Consensus

Truly bottom-up consensus of Paris Agreement

More information about ECO2

ECO2 is the first blockchain solution for fighting global warming. Focus on building environmental applications based on distributed ledger for emission reduction to connect global citizens to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We are the member of Climate Chain Coalition (CCC) under The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). sharing the same value of technological climate action.

Decentralized distributed systems provide the most transparent, fast and trusted environmental storage data system. ECO2 establishes a carbon market blockchain system that stores emission reduction data from enterprises and individuals, to enhances the authenticity of climate action. Allowing green carbon assets to be transferred more easily in a blockchain network.

Distributed Ledger for Climate Consensus

VER Trade

Carbon trading platform for voluntary carbon market


Personal carbon application

ECO2 Ledger

Distributed green asset storage network






Develop forestry carbon sink projects.

Proposed ECO2 climate consensus, establish climate applications based on distributed ledger.

Launched VER platform at Innovate4climate held by the World Bank Release MyCarbon APP before UN COP25. Before end of 2019, ECO2 Ledger pilot run.


Planning period: Research solutions on DLT and carbon market.

ECO2 Ledger  Online

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Zero Emission Sustainable Development Goals

7: More investment in clean energy.

13: Strengthen global climate action.

17: Establish blockchain based environmental community.