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ECO2 Ledger is a public blockchain network that has

Environmental Transparency

Users are free to disclose information about their carbon neutrality, which will be publically accessible on the blockchain.

Decentralized Governance

Users elect 21 Emission Reduction (ER) Nodes to validate the network, and in doing so, consume carbon credits to maintain the network’s carbon neutrality.

Autonomous Operation

ECO2 Ledger uses a combination of smart contracts, built-in contracts, and oracles to automate the process of carbon trading on the blockchain.

Functions of ECO2 Ledger

Project Promotion

Carbon credit project developers can advertise their projects in ECO2 Ledger’s ecosystem of decentralized applications, connecting with individual buyers who are looking for ways to achieve carbon neutrality.

Individual Carbon Account

Unlike traditional carbon credit registries, individual users have access to their own carbon accounts, which are free to create and use.

P2P Transaction

Trading carbon credits on ECO2 Ledger is cryptographically secured through P2P transactions, eliminating risks of fraud and double-counting.

Carbon Neutrality

ECO2 Ledger is designed for carbon neutrality at the protocol level—making it the first carbon-neutral blockchain network dedicated to individual carbon trading.

ECO2 Ledger Features

Consensus Mechanism

ECO2 Ledger uses a DPoS + pBFT consensus mechanism that consists of 21 Emission Reduction (ER) Nodes that simultaneously offset and validate the operations of the network, keeping it both carbon neutral and secure.

Zero Emission Mechanism

The combination of carbon accounts, carbon transaction records, and a carbon neutral pool will ensure that emissions reductions on ECO2 Ledger are accurate and accounted for, and are collectively known as the “Zero Emission Mechanism”.

Carbon Credit Oracle

ECO2 Ledger allows carbon credits to be uploaded from other carbon accounting systems through the use of oracles, which communicate with non-blockchain-based databases.

Dapp Ecosystem

ECO2 Ledger is programmed with smart contracts and built-in contracts, which can diversify the use of carbon credits and digital tokens designed for sustainability and environmental protection.



Developed forestry carbon credit projects based on international carbon standards.


Researched distributed ledger technology and international carbon market applications.


Proposed the concept of ECO2 Ledger.

Began designing a blockchain-based carbon trading market.

Joined the UN-affiliated Climate Chain Coalition.

Participated in COP24 in Katowice, Poland.


Invited by the World Bank to participate in Innovate4Climate and showcase our blockchain carbon trading concept.

Initiated cooperation with UNEP on sustainable development applications of blockchain technology.

In mid-November, released MyCarbon 1.0, a personal carbon account app with nearly 500,000 users.

Participated in COP25 in Madrid, Spain.


Participated in INATBA’s EU Climate Action WG.

In mid-March, released MyCarbon 2.0 with more than 1 million users.

In Q3, released ECO2 Ledger’s testnet.

In Q4, scheduled the launch of ECO2 Ledger’s mainnet.



The MyCarbon App is the first mobile application developed and launched by ECO2 Ledger, tailored for individual participation in carbon neutrality. Through MyCabon, users will be able to directly trade carbon credits on ECO2 Ledger, while also receiving rewards for demonstrating climate knowledge and building environmentally-conscious online communities.

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VER Trade

    VER Trade has been built to provide innovative solutions to participants in the existing international carbon market. VER Trade (which stands for Voluntary Emission Reduction) is designed to
  • improve the efficiency of global carbon trading.
  • enhance the transparency of the carbon trading process.
  • facilitate online purchases to enable direct transactions between buyers and sellers and
  • support digital tokens to complete instant transactions, with low transaction fees and zero membership fees.

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Blockchain Carbon Trading Alliance

Blockchain Carbon
Trading Alliance

By joining ECO2 Ledger’s Blockchain Carbon Trading Alliance, members can upload their carbon credits to
the testnet and participate in the first trials of the platform, scheduled to begin in Q3 2020. Click here to apply!