Emission reduction efforts have always been focused on the actions of governments and large companies, with tools for individual participation rarely being explored. The MyCarbon App is the first mobile application developed and launched by ECO2 Ledger, tailored for individual participation in carbon neutrality. Through MyCabon, users will be able to directly trade carbon credits on ECO2 Ledger, while also receiving rewards for demonstrating climate knowledge and building environmentally-conscious online communities. In order to stimulate interest in carbon offsetting and encourage carbon-neutral lifestyles, MyCarbon is rewarding 1 million tons of VCS forestry carbon credits to its users who participate in climate action.

MyCarbon users will have access to personal carbon accounts that contain digital tokens based on real-world carbon credits. Tokens will be denominated in grams of carbon credits, in order to suit offsetting and trading at an individual level. Data related to carbon neutral actions in the app will be recorded on ECO2 Ledger, making it part of the decentralized emission reduction ecosystem hosted on the blockchain.


  • Direct participation in carbon trading and carbon neutrality
  • Incentives to engage in carbon neutrality and to create personal offsetting habits
  • Token rewards for demonstrating knowledge of climate change
  • Ability to share carbon credits via WeChat, WhatsApp and other social apps
  • Build online communities dedicated to climate action and carbon neutrality

The first version of MyCarbon was launched in mid-November of 2019 and accumulated nearly 500,000 users in China in its first 3 months. The second version of MyCarbon was launched in mid-March of 2020, providing a personal carbon trading function that allows users to buy and sell carbon credits for carbon neutrality. As of April 2020, MyCarbon has recorded 1 million users and nearly 100,000 tons of carbon credit trading volume. After the release of ECO2 Ledger’s mainnet, MyCarbon’s data will be migrated on-chain, allowing for all data related to carbon credits, transactions, and carbon neutrality to be recorded on the blockchain.

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