Updates on the Release of ECO2 Ledger – TestNet2.0


The release of ECO2 Ledger’s TestNet 2.0 was originally scheduled to be held on March 22, 2021, but due to the recent international and domestic market surge in the number of carbon sequestration projects, the need to further improve the quantification standard of assets, as well as the compatibility update with Substrate, this released has been postponed. In addition, in order to create a better user experience during TestNet 2.0’s public beta, the developers of ECO2 Ledger have decided to delay its release until April or May this year.

TestNet 2.0 Upgrades:
·Optimize the asset on-chain process, redo the carbon sequestration project and asset audit data system
·Optimize the asset trading system and system design details
·Optimize the asset review system, review logic and proposal status details
·Optimize the carbon neutral logic and add the classification of "Carbon Neutral Country"
·Optimize the logic of black holes to facilitate the destruction of carbon sink assets and the realization of zero carbon emission

Added test modules, including:
·Supernode campaign module
·Committee module
·Block reward module
·Standard asset issuance module

Many thanks to ECO2 users for their continued support! We hope that the community can understand the tasks of the project development team, as more time is needed to fully improve ECO2 Ledger’s public chain system. This is a crucial time to run critical bug fixes and set up key parameters to optimize the network before mainnet launch. The ECO2 project remains committed as always to launch a secure blockchain network.

Thanks again to every ECO2 low-carbon volunteer for their participation and support!