ECO2 Ledger – TestNet 1.0 Public Test Report


Since the release of ECO2 Ledger – TestNet 1.0, the world's first zero-carbon public blockchain system, on December 21, 2020, the first three-month public test has come to an end. Next, the project will enter the closed beta phase of ECO2 Ledger – TestNet 2.0.

During ECO2 Ledger - TestNet1.0’s open beta, much attention was paid on accessing the test network’s IP address from regions such as mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Europe and North America. In total, 60,127 test tokens were received, with 843 instances of problem feedback (including all valid and invalid bug reports), and a block height of 1,201,965.

The activity of each public test participant was evaluated according to the four main dimensions: (1) validity of submitting bugs, (2) frequency of submitting bugs, (3) frequency and footprint of each functional module of the participating test network, and (4) login times and duration of the test network. In the end, a total of 50 users earned 10,000 ECO2 as rewards for their participation. The list of winners is as follows: