My Carbon App has over 400,000 members!


The APP My Carbon has been public for one month, and more than 400,000 users have registered.

Carbon emission reduction has attached great attention in the world, but it has never really entered people’s daily life. CO2 concentrations of the earth are already above 400ppm, compared with 280ppm at the start of the "Industrial Revolution" around 1780. Carbon dioxide, as one of the main greenhouse gases, has a certain effect on global temperature. In recent years, global warming has become a hot topic of discussion. Heat waves, droughts, floods and other problems caused by global warming have been heard all over the world, and the survival of mankind has been seriously threatened. Reducing carbon emissions has become an international trend, and at COP24 in 2019, countries will continue to discuss how to tackle global warming.

The official launch of My Carbon makes global warming and carbon emission reduction not so far away. Signing up My Carbon, members will have their own carbon account and can participate in carbon neutrality anytime to contribute to the earth. May Carbon provides a platform for everyone to understand carbon emission reduction, carbon neutrality and cultivate their awareness of emission reduction by popularizing knowledge through games. In the APP, as long as the members who participate in carbon neutralization, the founder of My Carbon will offset carbon emission for users in real life.

Through the popularization of knowledge, nearly 50% of all registered members have do carbon neutralize. We also expect more people to understand low-carbon emission reduction and participate in carbon neutralization spontaneously.

My Carbon will become the main platform for individuals to reduce their carbon emission, and it is opening a new era of carbon neutrality for all!