Blockchain Technology Promotes Corporate Green Development Seminar


On July 14, 2018, China Energy Conservation Association and Shanghai Environmental Energy Exchange held a high-level seminar on “Green Energy Transformation based on Internet Network” in Shanghai. The seminar attracted experts from environmental companies and blockchain companies to conduct a comprehensive discussion. Moreover, green financial representatives, blockchain experts and ECO2 representatives completed the exchange of opinions and established a good cooperative relationship through this seminar.

The seminar aims to understand the influence of blockchain technology, focusing on the innovative application of blockchain technology in climate change, hoping to solve the existing blockchain technology problems, and researching blockchain technology in the field of environmental protection to solve the global warming.

The launching ceremony of the Blockchain Energy Research Institute was held in the conference. The institute is affiliated unit under the China Energy Conservation Association, and ECO2 is one of the directors. ECO2 hopes to use this research institute to complete the analysis of blockchain and green energy, propose more green energy applications, and enhance energy efficiency to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The seminar topics are consistent with the ECO2 goals. Use blockchain to solve carbon emissions problems.