Members of the CCC pledged to fight global warming at COP24


During the CO24 in Poland 2018, Kaoyang City of Korea has sponsored a dinner meeting for the Climate Chain Coalition on 9th of December.

Gaoyang City has been selected as the "Ten Vigorous Cities in the World" because of its reasonable urban planning and beautiful environment. At the beginning of the dinner Mi Jeong Park (Assistant to the government of Gaoyang City, Korea) delivered a speech on behalf of the mayor of Gaoyang City. His speech not only emphasizes the importance of global climate action, but also how to use blockchain technology to bring a better living environment to human beings. Gaoyang City is a model of progress and environmental protection. After his speech, the leadership of CCC, Tom Baumann, Dr. Massamba and Dr. Miroslav, take turns to give speeches. Their speeches focused on the use of innovative technologies to achieve global climate action. Hoped that all members will work together to make CCC have practical results in environmental field.

ECO2 representative participated in the dinner meeting and proposed a plan to trade carbon credits with ECO2. The VER Trade carbon trading platform will be launched in mid-2019, to make carbon trading easier and faster.

Organizations from different industries also attended, such as Climate Ledger (a blockchain climate action report), Rosario (a Swiss blockchain financial services), blockchain company in Russia, carbon trading company, renewable energy company in Singapore and etc.