ECO2 is honored to be invited to attend the COP25 in Madrid, Spain


The UNFCCC’s COP25 (The 25th session of the Conference of the Parties) curated by the UN is Coming!Our honorable participation from Dec. 2nd to Dec. 13th in Madrid, Spain is such a pleasure. Our co-founders will participate in the UN’s diversified side events related to “enhancing ambition”, “promoting implementation”, and “providing support” of climate action. Besides, they have arranged appointments with carbon trading companies and organizations including but not limited to IETA(International Emissions Trading Association), Verra(Carbon Credit Standard “VCS”) and so on. Last but not least, they’ll deliver inspiring speeches in CCC(Climate Chain Coalition), Data Driven Lab of Yale-Nus, and Chinese government’s events.

Accelerated from China, the large emitter of GHG, main developer & exporter of carbon projects, we'll put more emphasis on the achievement of our personal carbon wallet "MyCarbon" from developing countries' perspective, which will be one of the databases recorded on the world’s 1st comprehensively carbon-neutral ECO2 Ledger. Other projects like the global carbon trading platform "VER Trade"(, the environmental token "ECO2"(, multimedia "BlockWarming"( will also raise people’s awareness. Let’s stimulate emission reduction together through our blockchain ecosystem.