ECO2 Strategic Meeting


Since ECO2 officially entered Qingdao Bay Institute for Blockchain Industry, it is actively promoting the smooth progress of the green blockchain project. The theme of Qingdao Bay Institute for Blockchain Industry is "focusing on the development of blockchain industry and building a new financial center". ECO2 will enter into enterprises with the support of Qingdao government and organizations to speed up the implementation of blockchain projects and promote the healthy and orderly development of the blockchain industry.

This week, ECO2 held a strategic meeting. The participants were introduced ECO2's environmental protection concept, development process and future plan.

Since the beginning of the ECO2 project, has been concerned by all parties. ECO2 focuses on one of the most popular topics of the day -- sustainable development and climate change -- and hopes to spread the idea with the help of blockchain technology. Everyone forms a conscious of environmental protection to life and work, and the whole people will work together.

Therefore, ECO2 gathers professionals in new media, blockchain technology, carbon credits and other fields to truly implement blockchain technology.

This conference will clarify the right direction for the development of ECO2, accelerate the spread of ECO2 concept, and expand the global influence of ECO2.