ECO2 caught the eye on Blockchain Forum of China(Shenzhen)Overseas Chinese Industry Fair


ECO2 caught the eye on Blockchain Forum of China (Shenzhen) Overseas Chinese Industry Fair. The 4th China Overseas Chinese Industry Fair was held in Shenzhen for three days. The exhibitors mainly look for scientific and technological cooperation, attracting tens of thousands of visitors and buyers.

This forum is mainly based on the application of blockchain technology, in order to promote blockchain technology can be practical as soon as possible. The rally not only brought together the blockchain leaders in the Asia-Pacific region, but also joined the “World Blockchain Innovation Association (WBIA) and Zhongguancun Blockchain Industry Alliance”.

In particular, the topics and summits related to the blockchain in this forum attracted many people's attention. This is a gathering of leaders in the Chinese blockchain industry, representing the latest developments in China's blockchain technology. In just ten minutes, the founders of each blockchain project came to the stage to deliver a wonderful speech, showing their unique ideas, bringing audiences and judges a new blockchain concept and innovative ideas. Inject new vitality into blockchain technology.

As the pioneer of global blockchain technology to fighting global warming, ECO2 has attracted the attention of many people and created a new pattern in the application of blockchain. The judges of the forum pointed out that ECO2 has opened up a new path, doing things that no one has done, and it is a very meaningful thing.

ECO2 talks about its main philosophy, implementing blockchain technology in fighting warming, and plans to use ECO2 in the global carbon market, making carbon trading more transparent and convenient. Providing a convenient and fast trading platform for individuals and companies to carry out substantial carbon neutral actions. ECO2 invites everyone in the world to join the ranks of emission reduction. At the end of the seminar, ECO2 won the “Best Presentation Award”.