ECO2 completed upgrade notification


The ECO2’s blockchain application VER Trade for voluntary carbon market will be launched in June, which provides an open trading platform for the international carbon market. We have completed the upgrade of ECO2 to ensure smooth application of carbon trading in the future.

1. Old ECO2 (contract address: 0x17F93475d2A978f527c3f7c44aBf44AdfBa60D5C) only supports the 2 decimal digits. Did not consider the demand of future micro-carbon trading. This is why we upgraded it

2. New ECO2 (contract address: 0x83058f5bc487151253d8deff14e58ed707582f8d) supports the 18 decimal digits, which will be able to meet future needs. The total amount of 300 million tokens and other related settings remain unchanged.

3. The upgrade has been completed in the afternoon of April 25th 2019.

4. Old ECO2 will no longer be used. Users who voluntarily participate in the recycling program will receive 10 new ECO2 in return. Please send back the old ECO2 to this wallet address: 0x540c91A9FB0363982152bF28C2Ae53404e00E8f8.

More information, please send an email to