ECO2 Ledger Presents at Innovate4Climate 2021


The three-day Innovate4Climate 2021 (I4C) Summit, hosted by the World Bank, concludes today. Since 2017, I4C has held events focused on climate finance, climate investment and climate markets with participants from around the world. Topics at this event include the Paris Agreement, green finance, sustainable development, and carbon pricing. Every year, I4C brings together leaders in global business, finance, policy and technology in order to speed up the action needed to combat climate change.

Due to the influence of COVID-19, the I4C Summit was held online this year, but the ECO2 Foundation was still invited to attend and contribute as panelists during a webinar focused on climate and blockchain. Speaking on behalf of the ECO2 Foundation was Neo Lin, Co-founder of ECO2, and Nicholas Manthey, Director of International Business.