ECO2 Ledger: Second Phase of Public Beta Testing Initiated


ECO2 Ledger’s second phase of global public beta testing was officially launched today! With the help of blockchain technology, ECO2 Ledger is creating a decentralized carbon finance network to tackle some of the most difficult problems related to climate change. By establishing a global low-carbon consensus, building coalitions from all sides, and jointly reducing greenhouse gas emissions, we can harness the power of emerging technologies to alleviate the problem of climate change.

ECO2 Ledger is a public blockchain designed to meet the needs of the global carbon market. By targeting the pain-points of the market, ECO2 Ledger uses distributed ledger technology to enable peer-to-peer carbon trading and the secure storage and transfer of carbon assets. In doing so, the carbon market can become more open and accessible, while improving its transparency and efficiency. ECO2 Ledger is also committed to being a net-zero carbon emission technology as it has carbon neutrality procedures added to its consensus mechanism at the protocol level.

ECO2 Ledger is built with the same underlying Substrate architecture as Polkadot. With strong compatibility and interoperability, ECO2 Ledger’s ecosystem is not limited to its own blockchain, but can link with systems and users in other regions of the cryptosphere. In addition, the programmable carbon assets on ECO2 Ledger are a new form of economic interaction that can only be realized through blockchain technology. With programmable carbon credits, any enterprise, organization or individual can develop a DAPP linked to the ECO2 public blockchain, forming a diversified and sustainable carbon finance ecosystem.

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