"Blockchain Climate Action" Workshop held by Hult Prize in Tsinghua Uniersity


Topic: Discussion of how to counter with climate change crisis
Speaker: Co-founder Neo Lin & Rich Huang
Organizer: Tsinghua GoGlobal Student Association & Hult Prize

This association receives guidance from Tsinghua University’s international education office and global competency development and guidance center, and is committed to gathering global resources to provide a global competency training platform for young students.
The association is also responsible for the Hult Prize.

The Hult Prize created by Hult international business school, operating on more than 1500 university campuses in 121 countries and has become a benchmark startup challenge for social entrepreneurship. It provides a global platform to have a sustainable and beneficial impact.

ECO2 co-founders Neo Lin and Rich Huang were invited by the Hult prize of Tsinghua University to discuss blockchain technology and global warming with students.

The students, who attended this seminar, while excelling in their respective fields of expertise, had no idea “what is digital currency” and "What is carbon trading?” Indeed, these two terms are too technical to be understood directly without an in-depth understanding of blockchain technology and global warming. ECO2 hopes to spread the concept of climate action and blockchain through this group of domestic talents after this seminar.

After the meeting, students also actively asked questions, expressed their views. They will be the leaders of the new era and have a strong receptivity to new things. They will play a key role in propagandize global warming.