ECO2 Ledger’s Public Testnet Soon to Launch


A two-day online seminar on the global carbon market has entered its second day. Domain experts in carbon emissions, as well as scholars, pundits, and organizations gathered for today's meeting to focus on the future of carbon trading. Themes discussed included carbon pricing and carbon asset investment, voluntary carbon market operation mechanisms, the application of blockchain technology in the carbon market.

Neo Lin, co-founder and CEO of the ECO2 Foundation, who was invited to attend the conference, introduced to the world's carbon emission industry insiders how ECO2 Ledger applies blockchain technology to carbon trading and how to solve various pain points of the current structure of the carbon market.

As a member of the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA), the ECO2 Foundation has been actively participating in global climate action, using its technological advantage to promote global climate governance. ECO2 Ledger is the world's first zero-carbon public blockchain that uses DLT to establish a low-carbon consensus for carbon trading according to the goals outlined the Paris Agreement.

During the global carbon market online seminar, Lin announced that ECO2 Ledger's first public beta will be officially launched on December 21st, 2020, and invited experts and organizations from the international carbon market to participate in the public test of ECO2 Ledger.