ECO2 Ledger’s Public Beta Testnet is now live!


On December 21st, 2020, ECO2 Ledger, the world's first zero-carbon public blockchain, officially launched its public beta testnet and began its three-month public beta phase. To access the test portal, simply follow this link:

ECO2 Ledger is used to store emission reduction assets (such as carbon credits) and is designed specifically for carbon trading and climate action. Maintaining carbon neutrality is a core feature of ECO2 Ledger, as the transactions on the network are collected and used to purchase carbon offsets, which keep the network “net-zero”.[I changed this part as it more accurately reflects the current design of ECO2 Ledger. The Chinese text you have doesn’t exactly describe ECO2 Ledger the way it is now.]

ECO2 Ledger uses a Nominated Proof-of-Stake (NPoS) consensus mechanism based on Substrate. ECO2 token holders cast votes for candidates that are elected as the 39 supernodes of the network, which are responsible for verifying the data on the blockchain. The supernodes pack data every 6 seconds in order to generate new blocks.

The ECO2 token is a governance and utility token on ECO2 Ledger, and is used for voting, proposals, transfers, operations and rewards on the blockchain. 300 million ECO2 will be issued, of which 50% is issued in advance (as a pre-mine) and 50% is awarded for block production (also known as “mining”).

To learn more about ECO2 Ledger, visit the official website at and download ECO2 Ledger’s White Paper 3.0.

With the release of ECO2 Ledger, a series of early ECO2 awards will be offered, including the first "Bug Hunt", which will give participants the chance to share 10,000 ECO2 token rewards. Participate via the testnet at