ECO2 at the 2020 North American Carbon Forum


The ECO2 Foundation was invited to participate in the Carbon Forum North America 2020 (CFNA 2020) on September 21, 2020 at 11 A.M. EST. Due to the global COVID-19 outbreak, this year's North American forum was held online.

The Carbon Forum North America (CFNA) is IETA's annual regional forum for political, business and NGO leaders to discuss the latest developments, innovations and prospects for climate action and leadership.

The three-day forum, which begins on September 21st and ends on September 24th, will provide an unparalleled platform for "business-oriented climate solutions", bringing together participants from North America and around the world to focus on carbon policy, pricing, carbon finance and innovation. Attending members will discuss strategic market cooperation in strengthening the response to climate change and further study the recent experiences of Canada, the United States and parts of Latin America with respect to their carbon policies, market and financial development. The forum also provides opportunities for attendees to connect with each other as they seek innovative business solutions in response to the large-scale climate challenge.