Low-Carbon Consensus Linking the World - ECO2 in Action


On Saturday, September 5th, 2020, the "Global Climate Change Blockchain Application Discussion" and the "ECO2 Chinese Community One-year Anniversary Celebration" were held in Taiyuan, China. This event was hosted by the ECO2 Foundation, a member of organizations such as the Carbon Trading Industry Alliance’s China Energy Conservation Association (CECA), China Economic Network of State Information Center, International Emissions Trading Association (IETA), Global Energy Interconnection Development Cooperation Organization (GEIDCO), International Trusted Block Chain Application Association (INATBA), and various media organizations.

Taiyuan is a city with a history of more than 2,500 years, was the ancient capital of nine dynasties, and is a place where many Chinese emperors have their roots. For this reason, the city is known as “the Dragon City”. The choice of venue for this conference is also significant: Shanxi is one of China's biggest coal-producing provinces and has a profound impact on the development of the coal industry and the state-sponsored "low-carbon economy".

Guests attending the event included: Professor Zhang Juntao, Executive Deputy Secretary General of the Carbon Trading Industry Alliance of China Energy Conservation Association (CECA); Professor Zhu Youping, Deputy Director of the Economic Network Management Center of The State Information Center; Mr. Hao Xuanzheng, founder of the ECO2 Foundation; and Mr. Neo Lin , co-founder of the ECO2 Foundation. And low-carbon volunteers from all over China gathered here to discuss how to apply blockchain technology to climate change mitigation measures, and to advocate low-carbon environmental protection, which ought to be incentivized and rewarded.