ECO2 Digital Innovation, Climate Action and the Individual: An Open Discussion on how Individual Stakeholders might engage in Climate Action through Emerging Digital Technologies


Innovations in digital technology and climate change solutions are two trends that are defining the 21st century. They involve transformations in energy sectors, financial systems, and the very structure of the internet itself. The implications of these innovations are vast, and touch on nearly every aspect of societies—but what do they mean for the individual person? How might individuals benefit from innovations in digital technology and climate change solutions? How might these innovations empower individuals to become more involved in meaningful climate action, and have a greater impact on creating sustainable digital economies in their own societies? How are these innovations evolving around the world, in places with different cultures, governance systems, and levels of development? These are the kinds of questions that we would like to discuss in our webinar, specifically broadcast to our audience in China. By inviting subject-domain experts to openly discuss the advancements of digital technology and climate change solutions, we hope to give our Chinese audience a glimpse of the innovations that are occurring at home and abroad, and how the products of such innovation may impact the lives of individuals in the future for the better.