Information Session on Supernodes and ECO2 Ledger


Since the launch of the ECO2 Consensus concept in 2017, ECO2 Ledger has experienced more than 3 years of research and development. It is about to usher in the launch of its mainnet, marking a new milestone in the project’s development.

The information session (October 23rd to 25th) is a systematic and comprehensive lecture designed for ECO2's 1.1 million registered users who are interested in becoming early evangelists of the ECO2 project and active members of the community interested in running supernodes of the ECO2 Ledger public blockchain.

During the information session, the attendees will be able to learn the basic knowledge of carbon credit trading, the development trend of blockchain technology, and be familiar with the underlying logic, technical framework, ecological framework and project development planning of the ECO2 Ledger public blockchain project through detailed explanation by several industry experts.

Through the popularization of knowledge, nearly 50% of all registered members have do carbon neutralize. We also expect more people to understand low-carbon emission reduction and participate in carbon neutralization spontaneously.

Through this information session, attendees will have the basic ability to serve as ECO2 project evangelists and potentially carry out the services of supernodes in ECO2 Ledger’s public blockchain network.