VER Trade

In order to improve and enhance the global carbon market, ECO2 Ledger is building a blockchain-based carbon trading platform called “VER Trade”. Using the advantages of blockchain technology, users on VER Trade can easily complete carbon credit transactions in few seconds. Unlike other cryptocurrency exchanges, VER Trade is designed specifically to provide trading solutions to participants in the ecosystem of ECO2 Ledger. VER Trade (which stands for Voluntary Emission Reduction Trade) is designed to:

  • Improve the efficiency of global carbon trading.
  • Enhance the transparency of the carbon trading processes.
  • Facilitate online purchases to enable direct transactions between buyers and sellers.
  • Support digital tokens to complete instant transactions, with low transaction fees and zero membership fees.
  • Safeguard properties by the highest level of security.

In mid-2019, VER Trade was released at Innovate4Cliamte in Singapore. To date, VER Trade has been tested by a dozen international carbon asset companies. After the release of ECO2 Ledger’s mainnet, VER Trade is scheduled to migrate on-chain, becoming a decentralized application on the ECO2 Ledger blockchain network. The blockchain-based carbon accounts, carbon assets, and carbon neutrality mechanisms of ECO2 Ledger will serve to improve the functioning of VER Trade and integrate it into the decentralized emission reduction ecosystem of ECO2 Ledger.