About ECO2 Ledger

ECO2 Ledger is the world’s first carbon-neutral public blockchain and is specifically designed for carbon trading and climate action. The governance of ECO2 Ledger is overseen by the ECO2 Foundation, which is providing initial assistance for the network’s launch and is promoting broad participation in the decentralized governance of the network. A wide range of stakeholders are able to participate in the governance and operation of ECO2 Ledger, including individuals and organizations from the private and public sectors that wish to engage in blockchain-based climate action.

ECO2 Ledger was developed by blockchain experts at Synergy Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. and by carbon market professionals at Qianyuhui International Environmental Investment Co., Ltd. By introducing blockchain technology to the carbon credit industry, ECO2 Ledger anticipates the application of distributed ledger technology (DLT) in the carbon credit marketplace, creating an open and public network for CO2 emission reductions.

What Drives Us

As an active stakeholder in the voluntary carbon market, we believe that market forces are a powerful tool for reducing global CO2 emissions. However, we are also keenly aware of carbon market deficiencies, which include a lack of transparency, a lack of market linkages, and a lack of individual access (for more on this subject, see Chapter 1 of our whitepaper). Given the nature of carbon trading, we believe that digitally representing environmental assets (such as carbon credits) on a distributed ledger is the best way to improve the market and fully realize its potential to reduce global CO2 emissions.

Furthermore, we are aware of the impacts that all digital technologies (not just blockchain) have on the environment. Thus, ECO2 Ledger has been designed to be carbon-neutral at its core, with carbon offsetting programed into its consensus mechanism at the protocol-level. ECO2 Ledger is the world’s first public blockchain that is powered by carbon neutrality. We aim to enhance participation in global carbon markets, to reduce the environmental footprint of internet technologies, and invite others to build sustainability-focused decentralized applications on our network to create an ecosystem that is committed to creating a sustainable digital future.

The ECO2 Foundation

The ECO2 Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting ECO2 Ledger and its blockchain ecosystem for sustainable development and climate action. The ECO2 Foundation was founded on June 5th, 2016 and registered in Singapore on June 1st, 2020.

The primary goal of the ECO2 Foundation is to strengthen the global carbon trading market with blockchain technology. Thus, the ECO2 Foundation is dedicated to supporting ECO2 Ledger, the blockchain-based carbon market network that is decentralized, transparent, peer-to-peer and individually-oriented. ECO2 Ledger is designed to increase the efficiency and scope of the carbon market, providing everyone with a blockchain-based carbon account and allowing users to directly conduct carbon trading and carbon neutralization on the blockchain network.

The secondary goal of the ECO2 Foundation is to support the development of sustainability-oriented applications hosted on ECO2 Ledger’s blockchain network. The ECO2 Foundation envisions that ECO2 Ledger will host all types of applications that are in accordance with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). Innovative examples could include things such as dapps that improve recycling or water management, climate data oracles, decentralized climate finance, or blockchain-based applications that simply want to use ECO2 Ledger to achieve carbon neutrality.

Our Team

Carl Hao

Founder & Chairman

Neo Lin

Co-founder & CEO

Cheng-En Guan


Nicholas Manthey

Co-founder & Head of Research

Sophie Cao

Global Business Development Director