ECO2 Ledger

ECO2 Ledger is the public chain which is the world's first decentralized zero carbon emissions distributed ledger network. ECO2 Ledger storages global green assets while comprehensively complete emission reduction, which is different from other existing blockchain applications.

ECO2 Ledger's characteristics:

1. Proof of Emission Reduction (POER): 
    ECO2 Ledger adopts the POER emission reduction certificate as the priority basis for the       

    accountingrightsThose nodes on ECO2 Ledger who hold more carbon assets and neutralities     

    would have more accounting power featuring rewards. Only nodes engaged in emission reduction

    would be rewarded to promote the awareness of easing global warming.

2. Carbon Neutral Network (CNN): 

    The operation of the ECO2 Ledger relies on carbon credit consumption. Any asset transfer, smart

    contract execution, and DAPP application must offset carbon credit to achieve 100% carbon

    neutrality. The carbon emissions generated by each chain operation are calculated by the ECO2

    Foundation in accordance with the international standard.

ECO2 Ledger's functions:

1. Global carbon assets registration: 
    Upload global carbon assets on the public chain to record the data in the decentralized,

    transparent and open storage systems as enhance the credibility of carbon asset liquidity.

2. Climate neutrality data storage: 
    Storage individual and enterprise's carbon neutral data on a cross-regional, international

    decentralized machenism

3. International carbon standards, corporate and personal carbon accounts: 
    Create a distributed carbon account for international companies and common people to match

    carbon standards and join emission reduction movement. All operations such as carbon asset

    transfer and offset are recorded on ECO2 ledger. 

4. Intelligent verification procedures: 
    Simplify the global carbon standard validation process, and submit all the formalities of online

    submissions on convenient, transparent, environment-friendly and energy-saving ECO2 Ledger.  

5. Green DAPP: 
    Establish an environmentally friendly DAPP application based on smart contracts, providing       

    diversified scenarios for global carbon trading and other related climate actions.