Individual Carbon Neutrality

Carbon neutrality means that companies, organizations, or individuals can achieve their goal of zero-emission of greenhouse gases by purchasing carbon credits which is to offset their carbon emissions. At present, this concept is already widely known in many developed countries, but usually is limited to the level of the country or enterprise. The action of individual carbon neutrality is still in its infancy, whether in developed or developing countries, more promotion is needed to allow more people to actually participate in offsetting the carbon emissions generated in their lives.

ECO2 promotes environmental protection with a blockchain network. We encourage ECO2 holders to use a small amount of ECO2 to purchase carbon credits. They can find carbon credits generated by appropriate carbon projects in the blockchain carbon market to offset their own emissions make carbon neutrality easier and faster to achieve. And as the ECO2 community grows, it will also attract more people to participate in individual carbon neutrality.

In the future, ECO2 will launch a blockchain personal carbon account, which will make the application of carbon neutrality, carbon footprint and carbon trading more convenient. When everyone's mobile phone has its own personal carbon account, the concept of carbon emission reduction will be deeper in their mind. The way of carbon neutrality will be more diversified and easier be transmitted within various communities. The movement of personal carbon neutrality will be an important trend in global climate action.