VER Trade

VER Trade is the pioneering online carbon trading platform focusing on stimulating international voluntary emission reduction(VER) market through blockchain innovation. VER Trade leverages the open and transparent nature of the blockchain, it also helps the individual carbon credits owner to directly sell carbon credits online, and implement accurate poverty alleviation, narrow the gap between the rich and the poor, and promote common prosperity.

In June 2019, ECO2 was honorably invited by the World Bank to participate in its Climate Innovation Summit (Innovate4Climate) in Singapore, releasing the latest concepts and VER Trade’s open data version, enabling global carbon companies and environmentalists to join our emission reduction ecosystem.

Featuring environmental cryptocurrency ECO2, VER Trade offers instant, direct, liquid, secure, and community services to global buyers and sellers. VER Trade supports various carbon standards like VCS, CDM, GS, CAR, ACR, ISO-14064, CCER, etc. Moreover, carbon footprint calculator helps individuals to evaluate daily carbon emissions and purchase equivalent carbon credit to achieve personal carbon neutral.

VER Trade’s Characteristics:

24 hours a day, 365 days a year, full-time operation. Allowing buyers and sellers to break through time and space restrictions, trade carbon credits immediately.

Enterprises and individuals can complete transaction directly through auction or fixed price mechanisms, which optimize the transaction process and lower various costs, stimulate global carbon trading market and accelerate low carbon economy.

Use environmental cryptocurrency ECO2 as transaction tool, which can be circular on global exchanges and easily converted into local currency. Exert the strengths of cryptocurrency, transform idle resources and hot money into real and solid applications.

Safeguard properties by the highest level of security includes but not limited to dual authentication mechanism, independent hardware and cold wallet control, SSL&SSH securings, Host.conf, Sysctl.conf, FTP, TMP hardenings, PHP tightening & upgrade, DDos and CC attacks protections.

Enable individuals to participate in carbon neutral movement without membership fee, which encourages more global citizens to support worldwide climate action. Contributors can not only receive certificate but also be listed on online honor board.